Cristina Ferrándiz

Spain1Cristina FerrándizInstituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Plantas (CSIC-IBMCP), Spain
+34 963877892
Ferrandiz Lab
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Expertise: Plant Molecular Biology

In Ferrandiz lab we are interested in fruit development and evolution. Our goal is to understand how fruit patterning is established, and what is the molecular basis of the morphological and functional diversity found in Nature. Our interest is two-fold. In one hand, fruits are a major evolutionary acquisition of Angiosperms, which likely evolved to protect the developing seeds and to ensure seed dispersal, adopting a huge morphological and functional diversity. In addition, fruits are of major economic importance, representing the edible part of many crops as well as being a source for production of seed, oil and other compounds. For our research, we use molecular, genetic, cellular biology and genomic tools. Currently, we focus on the study of the genetic networks directing gynoecium development in Arabidopsis, the most widely used model plant, trying to understand how hormone signaling, regulatory hierarchies and protein-protein interactions contribute to finally define carpel morphogenesis. A second major line of research is directed to test the conservation of genetic models for carpel and fruit patterning in other unrelated Eudicot species, like legumes, poppies or solanales, and to test if variations in these networks can explain morphological innovations found in fruits of some plant families, as for example the curly spiny fruits that originated in the genus Medicago.
Our team is formed by Postdocs, PhD students and Master students from different countries